Will Fryer, CF

Will Fryer, CF

Rising Star

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistAs a specialist healthcare management consultant during the Covid-19 pandemic, I took the opportunity to merge frontline engagement with analytics, shaping policy to improve health and care across the UK. I am dedicated to using data to help patients and believe that pairing data-driven decision-making with clinical input is essential to making meaningful interventions.

I strive for equitable healthcare systems, working to mitigate health inequalities for hard-to-reach groups. I spearhead corporate social responsibility initiatives, leading a charitable partnership with Pathway to advance healthcare accessibility for marginalised communities.

I am renowned for my ability to turn complex analyses into impactful but approachable messages. My analysis of the impact of NHS investment found that each pound of investment in the NHS led to four pounds in economic growth, and was published in the Financial Times, directly informing decision-making at HM Treasury.

I have taken on the challenge of tackling declining productivity in the NHS, leading a productivity improvement programme for community productivity that will improve access for more than 300,000 children in North London. I collaborate closely with stakeholders to facilitate transformational change.

I am committed to continuous growth, pursing my own professional development opportunities whilst mentoring emerging talents around me. I have undertaken additional qualifications and eagerly seek out growth opportunities in projects, looking to improve my expertise within the sector. My journey exemplifies a convergence of expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication to catalysing positive change within the healthcare landscape.

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