Zahan Bharucha, EY

Zahan Bharucha, EY

Young Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 Finalist

Zahan is a senior consultant in EY’s Enterprise Risk Consulting area, where his purpose is to accelerate the role that corporations play in building a better world for people and the planet. His commitment to sustainability and social value is making a noteworthy impact, as he delivers solutions to EY clients and makes meaningful contributions to a more positive society through his advocacy and activities.

Being creative, confident and highly revered, a few areas stand Zahan out. First is his technical competency in bringing ESG solutions to EY clients. He has exhibited a willingness to get involved at all levels, and helps clients with their risk and ESG transformations – from developing and delivering an entire ESG approach for a multinational gaming client, to passenger safety for Network Rail.

In addition, his work on – and commitment to – sustainability has really helped EY raise its profile in this area. As the chair of EY’s Sustainability Shadow Board for example, he holds the leadership to account on sustainability commitments and represents youth perspectives. He was also selected as one of the Emerging Leaders at Anthropy23 for his sustainability work and is part of Eco-Innovators leadership (EY’s internal sustainability community).

Zahan is making a real difference in shaping EY’s social value agenda. Here, as secretary to EY’s Corporate Responsibility Forum, he leads an initiative to embed social value into EY employee lifecycle and is helping to ingrain social value into client interactions.

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