Eviden, an Atos business with Network Rail Property

Eviden - an Atos business with Network Rail Property

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

MCA Awards Finalist 2024Eviden has helped the country’s railway infrastructure organisation, Network Rail, kickstart a digital shift in their Property division. Supporting their aim to create Destination Stations by implementing a series of operational, technology, financial and process improvements to generate increased revenue whilst maintaining safety.

Property, within Network Rail, is the custodian of the company’s real estate, including 19 of the country’s largest stations. As landlords of more than 39,000 properties including 78,000 rental spaces and 9,000 tenants, each with varying demands, its challenges are to release value from the estate to fund the railway and provide welcoming environments for passengers.
Back in 2020, the impact of the global pandemic and associated travel restrictions reduced rental revenue by 85%, a massive impact on Network Rail Property’s (Property) ability to help fund our railways. Something needed to be done to reattract passengers and enable a sustainable income model to reinvest in the railway infrastructure.

Eviden, transformed Property’s technology, operating model, digital tooling, and financial processes through a programme of digitally enabled solutions. These solutions improved performance and efficiency and increased revenue to enable future re-investment.

Together we developed a broad multitrack programme, spanning 12 workstreams, 10 departments and 6 partners to enhance centralised processes, ease of access to data and provide digital tooling – driving a collective shift to digital. Eviden drew on their expertise in strategy implementation, operational transformation, digital solution development and agile delivery to collaborated seamlessly with Property. Achieving breakneck speeds in execution we provided Property and their tenants with the digital tools to do their job.

Recognising the need for a cohesive operating model Eviden designed a new, hybrid, digital operating model. Introducing a Digital Property Hub providing enduring capability across the team, reducing future costs and increasing productivity. The model emphasised adaptability, responsiveness, and customer-centricity, aligning business requirements with the new suite of bespoke digital solutions.

Digital tooling such as RetailHUB, a one-stop-shop solution for retail staff and station teams, transformed paper-driven operations into a cutting-edge application. Tailored mobile inspection application for surveyors, increased safety and efficiency moving to instant reporting from a previous lead time of days or weeks. Design and implementation of financial digital tooling enabled substantial cashable savings.

A hands-on approach to rollout proved critical in embedding such a dramatic change across the supply chain. Blending change management approaches, with new processes and digital technology enhanced user adoption.

This transformation drove a shift from manual operations to digitally enabled processes, providing tangible benefits, not only to the organisation, but also to tenants and passengers. Blending organisational design, technology implementation, and process optimisation, showcases a successful and enduring transformation that supported Property’s vision for Destination Stations, enhanced customer experience and increased revenue for reinvestment.

The rate and scale of performance improvement is an exemplar of focused investment in consulting creating 25% productivity improvements, cash benefits, enhanced employee experience and increased customer satisfaction. Driving performance improvements that have led to real cash benefits for reinvestment in our railways.

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