Managing Consultant at Capgemini Invent, Tom Carr, Talks About His ChMC Journey

Tom Carr is Managing Consultant at Capgemini Invent. He started his Chartered journey during his time as a Senior Consultant at Atkins knowing ChMC was the right path for him to show that his skills and capabilities also have the industry stamp of approval.

Tom talks about his journey to becoming Chartered, saying:

“My key career goal is to be leading the transformation of our clients in Energy and Utilities, helping them through the current disruption in their sectors brought about by the Energy Transition, increased pressure and scrutiny from the public and regulators and the pursuit of Net Zero and beyond.

“Energy and Utilities clients know and expect industry level accreditation for Chartered engineering disciplines, so I decided ChMC was the right path for me to show that my skills and capabilities also have the industry stamp of approval.

“Having achieved the Chartered Management Consultant Award, I can now demonstrate to these clients that I am operating at the highest level in our industry, and give them confidence that I can help navigate through their current challenges.”

I progressed to becoming a Chartered Management Consultant through Atkins’, a member of the SNC- Lavalin Group, ChMC development programme.

This route has been hugely beneficial in terms of my professional development. The Competency Framework has served as a guide throughout the programme for skills, capabilities and experiences that I need to develop and get exposed to, to fully develop my abilities as a management consultant.

It is normal during a career in consultancy to pick a few areas that you’re good at or especially interested in, maybe a technical specialism or sector. But to be truly effective in this career, you need to the breadth of capabilities captured in the competency framework to excel. Completing the Atkins’ ChMC development programme has helped me to fill out those gaps in my capabilities.

“Demonstrating that I am operating at the highest level in our industry gives me a huge amount of personal pride. Becoming Chartered was the culmination of 5 years of hard work delivering for our clients, supported by lots of dedication to professional development too.”

My family are doctors and architects, so it’s nice to be finally catching up with the letters after my name!

“I’d absolutely recommend becoming Chartered. There is a lot of effort that goes into it – but the process is highly developmental, serving as a guide for your continued development as a consultant.”

Through assessing your capabilities, skills and experiences, you will reflect on your development to date and will need to identify and carry out proactive actions to get a new project, learn a new skill, seek out a new mentor, so you can plug any gaps to reach the Chartered level.

“Getting the ChMC award is a brilliant achievement but the journey to that point is well worth it too!”