IBM iX Associate Partner, Susannah Lindsay On Why ChMC is Important For Digital Technology Consultants

Susannah Lindsay, Associate Partner at IBM iX is an experienced digital transformation consultant with a reputation for creating strong client relationships.

Here Susannah discusses why the ChMC Award is important for digital technology consultants, saying:

“Digital transformation can be a challenging field to work in due to its emergent nature. Unlike other technology careers, digital transformation doesn’t follow a structured career path, which for me, has led to feelings of imposter syndrome at times. I have in the past struggled with explaining my role beyond simply stating that I was an industrial transformation consultant. However, my perspective changed when I pursued and achieved the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) award, which recognises expertise in digital transformation consultancy.”

The ChMC award recognises digital transformation consultancy as a profession and validates the skills and competencies required to excel in the field. It provides confidence when engaging with clients, identifying problems, understanding their best interests, and utilising the soft skills necessary for effective consulting. The synergies between digital transformation consulting and the ChMC award are significant. It is just a matter of time before the award will be regarded as one of the most valuable in the profession.

“The ChMC award has helped differentiate me from others in my field and build initial credibility and trust with clients. It reassures clients that I am recognised by the industry for embodying the standards of the consultancy profession. Being able to include the ChMC designation in proposals, email signatures, and introductions has been immensely valuable. It signals to clients that I am a consultant worthy of the fees being charged, even if they may not fully understand the significance of the award.”

The Chartered status has enhanced my ability to lead and manage projects. It is encouraging to see a growing number of consultants pursue the ChMC award, especially those in the early stages of their career. Those who embark on the ChMC journey earlier tend to be more reflective, open to feedback, and focused on delivering the best results for their clients. This then results in higher performing teams and happier clients, as the skills and competencies encouraged by the ChMC align with what clients value in their consultants.

“While the ChMC process requires effort, it is worth it for the benefits it brings. Beyond the award itself, the process of reflection and self-learning as a consultant is invaluable. It is important to allocate the necessary time and space to fully pursue the ChMC award and reap the rewards it offers.”

Digital transformation consulting is a unique and evolving field, and the ChMC award will play an important role in providing recognition and validation for consultants in this profession. It plays an important part in differentiating consultants, build credibility with clients, and enhance consulting skills and competencies. The ChMC award is a valuable achievement that reflects a commitment to excellence in the consultancy profession.