Why companies need to accelerate data warehousing solution modernisation


Unexpected situations like the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing macroeconomic atmosphere are wake-up calls for companies worldwide to exponentially accelerate digital transformation. During the pandemic, when lockdowns and social-distancing restrictions transformed business operations, it quickly became apparent that digital innovation was vital to the survival of any organisation.

The dependence on remote internet access for business, personal, and educational use elevated the data demand and boosted global data consumption. Additionally, the increase in online transactions and web traffic generated mountains of data. IBM Consulting is inviting us to enter the modernisation of data warehousing solutions.

Companies realised that their legacy or enterprise data warehousing solutions could not manage the huge workload. Innovative organisations sought modern solutions to manage larger data capacities and attain secure storage solutions, helping them meet consumer demands. One of these advances included the accelerated adoption of modernised data warehousing technologies. Business success and the ability to remain competitive depended on it.

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