Cost crisis looms


How are businesses coping now menaced by another major crisis after recently recovering from a crippling two years of the COVID-19 pandemic?Data from the Savanta Business Tracker shows that almost half of UK businesses (47%) are currently spending more cautiously. Larger businesses (£1m+ revenue) appear to be the most cautious.

(53%) compared to smaller businesses (up to £1m revenue) (43%).

Overall, 4 in 10 businesses have made expenditure cuts, with 13% saying they have cut a significant amount. Whilst larger businesses say they are being more cautious, it is smaller businesses that are making more significant cuts (15% vs 10% for larger businesses).

Demand from their customers is on the decline also since the rise in business costs and the cost-of-living crisis. This decline in demand appears to be increasing (52% July to 55% August) and is affecting smaller businesses more (58% vs 52% larger businesses).

Savanta has used two of its flagship surveys, UK Business Tracker and MarketVue, to better understand the business sentiment on this very important issue.


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