Strategy Highly Commended 2022: Arca Blanca with Avast


Unlocking value in customer data

Transforming a cybersecurity provider into a customer-centric business

A cybersecurity business with more than 435 million users worldwide is undoubtedly a data-rich organisation. But when most of these users are not registered, unlocking the value of data to create a world-class customer experience whilst ensuring data privacy and security remains front and centre becomes a huge challenge. However, this is exactly what Avast needed. In a highly competitive market for standalone cybersecurity products, offering valuable, relevant, and personalised services was critically important to thrive.

It was clear that they needed a practical strategy: one that balanced the urgent, short-term needs to respond with agility to immediate challenges, with the longer-term vision of aligning teams behind the direction that would deliver the required step-change in growth. Further, lessons and learnings about gathering insights from the user base had led to strict internal controls and a renewed commitment to safeguard customer privacy.

The response was to ensure Avast delivers a best-in-class customer experience, while also protecting consumer privacy and online safety underpinned by robust internal data governance procedures. Real-time personalisation of the customer experience was seen as critical to that vision and leveraging customer insights – without compromising customer privacy and trust – was the means to achieve it. Customer data is now a priority agenda item. This piece of work has brought forward multiple customer data use cases. It has outlined an approach to accelerate Avast’s journey towards its customer vision, while also ensuring that it is well-positioned to empower digital citizens for safer online experiences.

“We knew that unlocking the value in our data would be key to creating best-in-class signature moments in our customer experience, but really needed a trusted partner experienced in working with tech businesses to show us what it would take. Arca Blanca understood our organisation and challenges remarkably well, while bringing a unique blend of thought leadership and pragmatic rigour to the solution.”
— Sam Honey, VP Customer Success, Retention & Loyalty, Avast

“I really liked the practical approach of the AB team, and the way their data scientists and consultants worked together all the way through. It’s the combination of strategic thinking, a practical mindset and deep technical expertise which has really worked for us.”
— Jennifer Clay, Director – Customer Intelligence & Personalisation, Avast

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