AtkinsRéalis with Northumberland County Council

Change and Transformation in the Public Sector

MCA Awards Finalist 2024What could a local authority do with 25,000 extra hours of staff time per year?

In recent years, there has been no greater scrutiny on public spending than in councils, where residents want the most value for their money. Local authorities are now looking at ways in which they can work more efficiently and find innovative ways of maximising public money. Could Geospatial technologies be the solution?

Northumberland County Council (NCC) had ambitious plans to pave the way for Geospatial change but had a significant gap between the capacity of its Geospatial team and the growing demand for Geospatial capability from services. Since March 2023, AtkinsRéalis has been supporting NCC with closing this gap in demand and capacity for GIS services, enabling effective provision of numerous public services.

AtkinsRéalis has inspired individuals across NCC to see the art of the possible with Geospatial technologies and given them the tools to empower GIS-led, informed decision making. Whether that’s determining where children go to school or where broadband can be improved, GIS is having a positive impact on all residents in Northumberland.

These changes have been transformative: AtkinsRéalis has changed the way GIS data is perceived and used at NCC, establishing a culture that shares knowledge. As a result, over 25,000 hours of council time is saved annually, with Geospatial technologies now informing everyday decision making.

AtkinsRéalis combined technical expertise with a people-centric approach, recognising that the change could not succeed without gaining the trust of the people using the system. The time invested in these relationships has led to the team becoming honorary Northumbrians.

The legacy of the project lies in the knowledge that is now held within NCC, and the relationships that have blossomed between users and providers. NCC is a fully empowered trailblazer, ensuring data delivers value to its residents.

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