Performance Improvement in the Private Sector Finalist 2022: Atos with Experian

Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Atos helps Experian unleash the power of its people and data to revolutionise its service

Experian is a global financial services market leader and standard-bearer, serving some of the world’s biggest and best-known finance institutions. The company provides business-critical services that protect its clients and their customers from fraud and financial loss. Its differentiators are its cutting-edge products and unique wealth of data, which it unlocks for the benefit of its clients.

Critical to Experian’s business is that all its services are operationally excellent, resilient and available 24/7. So too must be its frontline IT service organisation: high-profile institutions need access to exceptional levels of help and support they can rely on any time, every time.

Through a concentrated, fast-paced engagement, Atos Consulting helped Experian to revolutionise its IT Service Management organisation. In just 12 months, it transformed from a series of process-led analogue functions to one dynamic, digitally-enabled, service-led team. Within this time, the team not only delivered major step changes in performance, but created a very different organisation and culture capable of sustaining the ongoing continuous improvements that are still underway today.

Success was thanks to smart programme design, in combination with the team’s ability to unleash the potential of people through a process of holistic change. Without introducing any new technology, the team systematically implemented excellence in every domain, releasing the latent power of data and existing tooling, while providing the workflows and governance that enable Experian’s team to excel. As a result, Experian’s sophisticated and innovative use of analytics and real-time data exceeds that of a financial services organisation and is instead comparable to a leading IT service provider.

The rate and scale of Experian’s improvement is an exemplar of laser-focused investment to produce high levels of return. Performance improvements have simultaneously increased Experian’s productivity, efficiency and revenue: it has slashed the number of high-severity incidents, cut time-to-resolve problems by 90% within a year, expanded its capacity for change by 11%, and raised Net Promoter Scores by 17 points.

Experian’s turnaround would not have been possible without Atos Consulting. The consultants brought the structure, rigour and impartial blended best practice to inspire and accelerate progress. Experian brought first-hand knowledge, strong client focus, and determination to succeed. Both organisations worked seamlessly and relentlessly to deliver early successes that instilled confidence while maintaining momentum for intense delivery of the rest of the programme.

This collaboration is proof that in the context of a fast-changing business world, it’s possible to achieve high levels of continuous improvements, underpinned by excellence in combination with the passion of a harmonious and dedicated team.

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