BearingPoint with Hastings

Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Leading a team can be tricky in any circumstance. However, during our engagement Hastings Direct Leaders found themselves operating in a new hybrid working environment, which was more complex, dynamic, and digital in nature. To meet this new challenge, they required different skills and strengths to support and enable their teams to adapt and thrive.

Hastings Direct and BearingPoint worked collaboratively together to deliver a transformational leadership development programme that would create an environment that is inclusive, high energy, focused and led by dedicated leaders who have the skills to coach, support and develop their teams with confidence, empathy & professionalism.

Before the engagement, leaders had found it difficult to adapt to their new ways of working and needed support to engage their teams, drive accountability for performance and focus on getting it right for their customers. Support for the leaders came in the form of the Hastings Active Manager Programme (HAMP) which had been tailored to provide leaders with the skills they needed to create inclusive, customer focused teams within new hybrid ways of working.

Despite only one face to face meeting that took place a few months before the start of the programme, BearingPoint and Hastings Direct worked effectively together as one team which enabled the programme to deliver sustainable benefits which exceeded expectations. By the end of the programme not only did leaders express a substantial difference in their ability to proactively engage and inspire their teams but they also recognised their success in creating a consistent approach to driving performance delivering a 14% improvement across several key KPIs within Customer Operations and New Business.

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