Curzon & Company with Anglian Water

Successfully delivering infrastructure associated with water supply and property development growth are two of the most critical features of the UK’s socio-economic landscape. The Anglian Water Developer Services Digital Transformation programme addressed both.

This was the biggest change programme that the Developer Services business had ever undertaken. Head of the business, Iain Amis, set the ambition for Anglian Water (Anglian) to be recognised as a true enabler of property development growth against a backdrop of historic performance failures and reputation as a growth inhibitor among some developers. The turnaround was to be achieved by harnessing emerging automation technology and smart data to transform customer engagement and service quality, and eliminate process and design inefficiency.

The anchor role played by Curzon in maintaining the digital business case as the key decision-making reference point was the crucial factor in the programme’s successful delivery.

Innovation was at the heart of the programme which delivered a ground-breaking geo-spatial site mapping solution and the ability to view property demand growth areas. This genuine industry-first equips Anglian with the capability to take a strategic approach to asset planning. It has been recognised by several industry bodies and won ‘Most Innovative Cloud Product of the Year’ at 2018’s Computing Cloud Excellence Awards.

This transformation has placed the business on track to deliver c£32m or 9.2% in capital delivery savings over the next five years, 15% in operational efficiency, and leaves Anglian perfectly positioned to benefit from up to c.£2m annually through the Regulator’s new incentive for customer satisfaction.