Deloitte with Helpforce

Transforming volunteering services in the NHS 

We all agree the NHS is under increasing pressure. Rising demand coupled with workforce shortages is leading to long waiting lists for treatment, making it hard to deliver safe, quality care for patients. Deloitte were therefore keen to partner with Helpforce, a new and exciting organisation led by Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, who are using the power of volunteering to free up staff time, and improve the patient experience. 

Deloitte recognised the important role that Helpforce’s ambition could play and, with a commitment to making an impact and supporting the NHS and local communities, agreed to become Helpforce’s partner, providing a pro bono advisory service. Deloitte undertook a number of key advisory roles for Helpforce, including: 

  • Building the foundations – helping co-design innovative volunteering interventions that became the foundation for a pilot programme in hospitals across England; 
  • Expanding the model – supporting Helpforce secure funding to expand its model to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; 
  • Creating sustainability – co-designing an evaluation approach and developing standardised measurements to assess social and financial impacts of volunteering; 
  • Expanding to primary care – developing an evidence-base for volunteering interventions in primary care.  

Before Helpforce, volunteer programmes varied widely across the NHS and volunteers were often underutilised or ineffectively deployed. Deloitte’s partnership with Helpforce has helped them raise the profile of health volunteering nationally and improved the role of volunteers, and the impact they make. It contributed to the inclusion of volunteering in the NHS long term plan, and helped create a new public awareness through media engagement. 

In just three years, Helpforce has grown to be a major presence, working closely with the NHS’s most senior leaders. Deloitte is proud to have been been at Helpforce’s side supporting the transformational work they do, and creating a step change in volunteering in health and care. 

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