Elixirr with Investec


Since early 2018, UK banks have been required to implement Open Banking – a regulation designed to give customers control over their data and who they choose to share it with. For our client, a UK Private Bank, this provided a unique opportunity to better serve existing customers and acquire new ones. Elixirr was engaged to work with a team to rapidly design, test and bring to market a compelling proposition that leveraged new data regulations and emerging technologies to:

  • Reposition the bank as the wealth creator and lifestyle enabler of choice for target customers
  • Define the bank’s competitive advantage and market position in an open banking world
  • Deliver additional value for the bank, including new channels for retail funding


One of the most exciting possibilities of Open Banking is that it offers the opportunity for providers to create and own ecosystems. With this in mind, we introduced lean start-up techniques to a cross-functional client team and worked with them to design, test and validate the most valuable opportunities. At the end of an initial 6-week sprint, we had designed and tested (with 200+ people) a new value proposition that would provide customers with:

  • Aggregation of both financial and lifestyle data in ways that were not previously possible
  • Real time intuitive insights on priority life events
  • A best in-class third party ecosystem

This was received positively by the bank and led to funding to move to a proof-of-concept, and a roadmap to launch the full solution in April 2019.

“Working with Elixirr helped us to redefine what it means to be customer-centric. Letting the customer feedback drive the proposition has been a refreshing steer from the conventional approach. Not only has this improved the overall proposition design, but fundamentally changed the way we work as a team. Ultimately, we feel more aligned to our end goal, to meet the needs of our clients, which in turn lets us confidently state that we can offer the best client proposition in the market”
Head of Private Bank UK, November 2018