EY with Haleon

EY with Haleon

Commercial Impact

MCA Awards Finalist 2024

Resulting from the demerger of GSK’s Consumer Health arm, Haleon is a world-leading consumer health company with revenues of £11.3 billion. Haleon’s brands are loved, trusted, and used by billions globally, and include Sensodyne, Panadol and Centrum.

The 2022 listing of Haleon on the London Stock Exchange was the largest European IPO in over a decade. Trading as a new standalone business, and operating exclusively in the field of consumer health, Haleon was focused on delivering the 4-6% annual organic revenue growth ambition stated to investors and shareholders. Not only did Haleon have to deliver this while starting a new life beyond GSK – it had to do this whilst navigating a challenging economic backdrop.

To realise this, Haleon decided to deliver new capability into its commercial organisation by empowering its talented team to drive better outcomes for Haleon, their customers and their consumers. The Trade Investment Management (TIM) programme was created with the ambitious aim of delivering a new generation of sales technology and processes into its largest markets.

EY were selected as the strategic programme partner and worked collaboratively with Haleon to deliver on the goals of the TIM programme for employees, customers and shareholders. The partnership focused on four key areas: i) Engaging Haleon’s markets and transferring ownership of the programme to them with a specific focus on the largest market, the US, ii) Designing the future state that created a collective certainty and confidence in the future, that aligned the market and programme teams  iii) Establishing a methodology and framework that created an environment for successful market deployment and adoption (iv) Product design / engineering to address key topics such as user experience and performance, which addressed critical adoption challenges experienced in previous sales technology initiatives.

The defining characteristics of our partnership were agility, resilience and teaming:  Agility meant responding to the unforeseen challenges posed by a business that had to prioritise successful separation; Resilience meant making promises to markets and users, then being prepared to go to any length, to keep them; Teaming meant spending the time with the programme’s largest market, the US, to coach and guide them to success.

After 18 months, the programme was successfully delivered, and a strategy was developed which set out Haleon’s future commercial growth journey. 

The programme was deployed in summer 2023 and started by loading the 2024 business plans. Those plans are now in the early stages of execution, delivering improvements in net revenue and a reduction in the time spent by commercial teams on administration. 

This capability is live in Haleon’s two largest markets, changing ways of working and business processes, which were adopted successfully with more than 80% approval ratings from the business users. The learning strategy, approach and plan successfully trained more than 300 users in 12 weeks and established a new culture of ownership and accountability. Crucially, Haleon has become self-sufficient in the future phases of the programme, enabling them to deliver phases from a lower cost base.

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