EY with the National Forensic Mental Health Service

Social Value

EY and the Republic of Ireland’s National Forensic Mental Health Service (NFMHS) collaborated to commission a new purpose-built facility with additional new services to meet the clinical needs of mental health patients.

EY and the NFMHS worked together to:

  • Design a full programme to get the new facility in Portrane opened – from implementation to post-opening support
  • Plan the transfer of services from the existing hospital to the new site, along with the implementation of new clinical services
  • Leverage EY’s international expertise (from psychiatry and nursing backgrounds as well as hospital commissioning) to create a new model of care, incorporating two new services that would provide a positive outcome for Irish patients who may otherwise have been referred abroad
  • Update clinical and operating procedures to take into account the new physical layout and organisational structures that accompany opening a new building and the provision of new services

We delivered on the project’s initial objectives of opening a new facility and residence for 170 patients, and a completely new set of mental health services for Ireland. We also designed the model of care to deliver:

  • Detailed patient-centric pathways and interventions to bring increased therapy hours and improved and accelerated patient outcomes.
  • Clinical workflows to complement the new facility
  • Additional new services such as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service facility (CAMHS) and the Intensive Care Rehabilitation Unit (ICRU) – both of which were previously unavailable in Ireland

We also helped initiated an electronic clinic management system to maximise the potential of the new facility and contribute to enhanced levels of patient care, safety and outcomes. And as part of the national response to the COVID-19 crisis, we assisted with an emergency, fast-tracked partial opening of the new facility in Portrane to address the need for greater isolation facilities.

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