Futures We Want

Sustainability Award

In November 2021, Glasgow hosted the Conference of the Parties, an annual United Nations climate change conference. COP26 provided a critical forum for world leaders to fix the global climate emergency.
Deloitte’s involvement with COP26 provided the opportunity collaborate as climate leaders, making a transformative impact for society and clients.
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) wanted to develop a series of aspirational and evidence-based visions of a climate-resilient, net-zero future in six diverse regions across the world to engage government and the public ahead of COP26.
The project promoted an unprecedented global multidisciplinary collaboration on climate, forming the basis for future collaboration in development of policy and business decisions for a Net Zero future. Together, the regions represent the diversity of challenges and opportunities ahead and present Visions of the future across six regions: Arabian Peninsula, Brazil, India, Jamaica, Kenya and the UK). Based on these visions, four cross-cutting themes, that explore thematic possibilities for land and food, energy, water and the built environment, were created.

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