Gobeyond Partners with Sunbelt Rentals 

Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Sunbelt Rentals is the UK’s most successful rental company, supplying plant, tools and specialist equipment to critical sectors including construction, energy and government.

The business has used “customer experience” as a lever to take its performance to the next level. This has required a laser focus on three core measures: improving availability of assets, reliability of equipment and ease of doing business.

Gobeyond Partners has been Sunbelt’s trusted partner on this journey, providing the model and skills transfer to create a continuous improvement mindset and deliver tangible results for the business. Through a transformation programme we worked closely with colleagues to align ways of working across 200 depots, delivering efficiencies and cost savings. But more than that, the programme was designed to bring a sense of pride to the workplace and build an internal momentum of positive change delivered by their own colleagues.

With results ranging from improved access to real-time data, new operating models, and a cleaner, safer workplace, the programme has reflected the power of a collaborative client-consultant relationship. It has left Sunbelt with the capabilities to continue driving improvements and deeply changed their culture and ways of working; the programme has delivered performance improvement that substantially exceeded the initial objectives.

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