IBM Consulting with DWP

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

DWP, much like the rest of UK Government, recognised a need to extensively digitise and transform its services to meet the growing digital by default expectations of the UK population.
DWP needed to digitise and modernise its services fast and to do this it needed to work on multiple areas in parallel.

One of the most technically complex and challenging areas DWP needed to enhance and transform was the Integration layer. Integration enables everything to connect and talk to everything else in a secure, observable, manageable, reliable, flexible and extensible manner.

DWP engaged IBM to help them analyse, modernise and transform its integration capability landscape. Together, they identified a need for an Enterprise API Gateway. This was one of the key pieces of the integration modernisation jigsaw. In a digital technology landscape, an API Gateway is the glue that enables end to end business processes to be executed seamlessly and efficiently.

DWP’s implementation of an Enterprise API gateway has unlocked cost reductions through provisioning of real time information into key business processes. It has enabled DWP business processes to be re-imagined and to significant reduction in the time it takes teams to build connected digital services.

And, it has prepared DWP for an era where information is expected to be shared across government departments and trusted third parties to provide faster, more efficient and accurate citizen services.

Prior to its implementation, integration changes could take weeks to validate and months to deliver. Today, integration solutions can be self-validated and delivered in days.

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