Ipsos with Haleon

People and Leadership

July 18th saw the launch of the world’s biggest consumer health company as GSK Consumer Healthcare became Haleon. Haleon had an ambition to be an organisation focused on Deeper Human Understanding, putting all people (whether it be consumers, experts, customers, colleagues) at the heart of their activities and decision-making. This was based on the recognition that deeper human understanding unlocks growth – through compelling innovations, enhanced experiences and powerful communications that will win consumers’ decisions in Haleon’s favour. ​To make deeper human understanding a reality required behaviour change on a large scale; hence was born the organisation’s innovative CBIA Academy.

Haleon and Ipsos Strategy3 collaborated to design and facilitate an impactful programme to embed the capabilities needed to create deeper human understanding. It was made up of four bespoke and highly engaging modules:

The Art & Science of Insights​: We’ve embedded a change in mindset around creating insights (from cumbersome and confusing, to simple and exciting) by giving participants an easy construct to follow (I… Because… But) which is now used across the business. We worked hand-in-hand with teams to create rich, revealing, relevant and real insights which are not mere data points, generating strong springboards for innovation, brand and activation purposes. More than 1000 new strength-tested insights can be attributed to this training.

The Science of Storytelling​: This training is all about making people Storytellers and adopting a ‘so-what?’ mindset, helping participants to clearly articulate what findings mean for the business (synthesis over summary!). We introduced tools to structure stories for maximum impact, with attendees practising their own presentation during the session. This live practice and immediate feedback built their confidence in telling powerful stories that influence action.

Whole Brain Thinking: How to hack your own code: This module evolved mindsets away from the binary concept of ‘right brained’ or ‘left-brained’ (creative vs analytical) towards embracing both. We helped participants unlock their brain’s full potential with six thinking skills: clarifier, ideator, rule breaker, developer, implementor and collaborator, arming them with flexible frameworks to use these skills in their day-to-day jobs.

Driving Behaviour Change​: This module demystified the world of behavioural science by distilling it into memorable principles and a three-step process for designing effective behaviour change interventions. Within just two months of launching, 10 new behaviour change experiments had been proposed to the organisation by attendees – demonstrating the impact this new mindset is already starting to have.

With grand ambitions in terms of the behaviour change we wanted to foster across the organisation, we designed each module with with Haleon’s training partner to maximise engagement and impact. Each module is delivered live by expert facilitators, with interactive ‘learning by doing’ at the heart. Participants work collaboratively on real business challenges, creating usable outputs that they can take back to their day job. Interactivity is further enhanced through competitions, immersive virtual assets to explore and access to experts for guidance. To date, more than 1,000 people across the organisation have been upskilled in deeper human understanding.

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