JCURV with Coca-Cola

JCURV with Coca-Cola

People and Leadership

MCA Awards Finalist 2024Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, serving 1.75 million customers across 29 countries. It is a highly complex, globally distributed organisation. The result of several mergers and acquisitions, CCEP is fragmented across countries, with huge disparities in cultural norms and ways of working.

In 2021, CCEP appointed its first Chief Data Officer (CDO) to place data at the heart of its global growth strategy. However, within six months of mobilising a new Data function, stakeholders saw the team as the “enemy” that were severely underdelivering, resulting in the lowest staff engagement across the Group, and alarming attrition rates.

In response, CCEP engaged JCURV with a clear objective: to enhance the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the Data function while fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment.

JCURV’s DatagilityTM approach combines culture and people with a progressive yet practical methodology. Over 18 months, JCURV closely partnered with leaders and team members to embed lasting change.

The transformation journey unfolded across five phases:

Listening: JCURV interviewed business, data stakeholders and team members to learn about their opportunities and challenges, conducting interviews with stakeholders and team members to co-create a tailored approach.

Mobilising: JCURV aligned leaders and co-created an inspiring vision. The team identified enabling behaviours, including challenging stakeholders, and acting as partners not providers. JCURV challenged leaders on what was and wasn’t working and examined how learnings could practically be applied.

Pilot: JCURV introduced each team to agile ways of working, thin slicing their work to continually deliver value and build a regular sense of achievement. Leadership engagement was pivotal during this phase, fostering a psychologically safe environment for open dialogue and feedback.

Scaling: JCURV created a new role to act as a single voice for each country, bringing the team closer to the business and driving more effective prioritisation. New ways of working were introduced to all (100+) data colleagues and 60+ stakeholders from ten countries. Standardised tooling was implemented to track efficiency and effectiveness in real-time.

Sustainability: JCURV facilitated ongoing coaching for key individuals and teams, establishing Communities of Practice to build knowledge sharing and capability uplift, and handed over tailored material capturing good practices and lessons learnt.

By embedding JCURV’s unique DatagilityTM approach, the Data function has become a trusted partner, capable of sustaining new, collaborative ways of working for the long-term. With an expanded remit, data is now being used to drive CCEP’s strategy forward and has set the standard for continual growth and innovation. This has inspired the next phase of the CCEP transformation in seeking to address broader systemic issues with Data, Commercial and Operations.

Outcomes achieved:

  • Improved staff engagement by 39%
  • Attrition levels dropped from 60% to below 10%
  • Increased pace of delivery by 2x
  • Enhanced time spent on strategic initiatives vs. business as usual by 22%
  • Achieved a 65% uplift in removing barriers to execution
  • Created a high-performing Data function fulfilling CCEP’s ambition to fuel business growth by harnessing data

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