Plastic: friend or foe?
It’s one of the most urgent environmental issues of our time. Cheap, durable and easy to use, plastic is everywhere in our daily lives – from plastic bottles and takeaway packaging, to clothes, cars, toys and the transportation of goods worldwide.

Yet there is now incontestable evidence that plastic – which never fully degrades – is wreaking havoc on the world’s fragile ecosystem. Pressure is quickly building on business to improve the sustainability of their goods and internal processes, but there is no fast-fix magic bullet solution.

Plastic cannot simply be banned overnight. And the alternatives – bioplastics, paper, glass and aluminium – come with environmental drawbacks of their own.

KPMG realised the debate needed less heat, more light. Our thought leadership To Ban or Not to Ban provides an evidence-based and impartial summary of the issues, drawing on the insights of numerous external and internal scientific experts.

This report explores the dilemma in detail, including:

  • The scale and nature of the challenge
  • The pros and cons of alternatives such as bioplastics, paper, glass and aluminium
  • What Government, business and society as a whole should be doing collaboratively to tackle the challenge
  • Initiatives that are already making a difference at grassroots level.

Our goal was to provoke a meaningful debate between business, Government, activists and the wider public. The thought leadership has uncovered high levels of interest amongst both existing and new clients. The piece underlines KPMG’s credentials in the sustainably space and our ability to advise on the circular economy. On the back of the thought-leadership, we recently held a successful convening event to discuss practical ways forward, bringing together the debate’s major stakeholders across all interested sectors. We are now working on several live projects with clients around their use of plastic.

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