Performance Improvement in the Public Sector Finalist 2022: NECS Consultancy with Elective recovery

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

The recovery of Elective services is a key priority for the NHS following the significant impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on service provision. An important focus is ensuring no patients have been waiting more than 104 weeks for surgery by March 2022 unless they have chosen to do so.

The NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI) Midlands team covers a significant geographic area including a population of over 10 million, 1.1 million patients on the waiting list across 11 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and 42 hospitals. Following national guidance and an analytical review, it was highlighted that
• With no intervention 51,568 patients would be waiting over 104+ weeks by March 2022
• With the current volume of patients being seen that over 14,000 patients would still be 104+ by March 2022

NECS Consultancy had an existing relationship with the Midlands region and were approached to provide support to improve performance, recognising this work needed senior oversight.

The programme focused on: utilising existing data, use our strategic and operational experience, build relationships, and create a structured project management approach to deliver the best possible reduction in patients within the cohort. The client wanted to work with a partner who really understood the challenge, who were agile, competent, and had the right focus to ensure as many patients as possible could be treated.

Currently NHSEI Midlands are on track to have only 4,756 patients waiting by March 2022.

Measurable results
• An addition 9,388 patients treated across the Midlands who, without any intervention, may have not been treated in a timely fashion
• Identification of every patient in Midlands who is, or will be, waiting over 104+ weeks by March 2022 and a drive to ensure all these patients are treated
• Establishment of an evidence-based approach and supportive environment to discuss with 11 ICSs across the Midlands region. The team understand the challenges they are facing to clear the elective backlogs, have helped identify priority areas and solutions and facilitated cross boundaries conversations
• Helped in a decrease of the volume of patients who could have potentially waited 104+ weeks by the end of 2021/22 financial year
• Integration of the NECS and Midlands team seamlessly which has provided stability to the team, an honest and open approach, and trust in delivery

Nick Hardwick (Director of Performance)
“This partnership and incredible delivery of patient focused case deserves the award of best elective care programme. NECS Consultancy and the NHSEI Midlands Access Team have already ensured that almost 8,000 patients, many who would have waited over 104 weeks for their elective procedure, have now been seen and cared for”

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