North Highland with GSK

North Highland with GSK

Change and Transformation in the Private Sector

MCA Awards Finalist 2024The pharmaceutical industry faced an urgent need to develop advanced statistical computing and data science capabilities, driven by recent explosions of data, new data types, and increasing competition. The SPACE (Statistics and Programming Analytics and Computing Environment) programme at GSK aimed to bring advanced analytics to life, enabling more accurate, data-driven decision making to get innovative medicines and vaccines to market faster.

GSK partnered with the consultancy to modernise and transform legacy systems and ways of working into a best-in-class analytics capability for clinical development.

SPACE developed a people-centric approach to drive both sustained adoption of new technologies and enable a cultural shift towards empowerment and curiosity. New technology wasn’t enough, fundamental culture change was required.

SPACE adopted a test-and-learn approach with user feedback on early work-in-progress versions used to shape future technology iterations and to build user confidence working in SPACE. People not only adopted SPACE tools (no easy feat), but also built the skills and mindsets to work creatively and multilingually to transform data into knowledge, then into meaningful discussions and data-driven storytelling.

Today, SPACE continues to empower GSK scientists with the tools and capability to explore data dynamically and benefit from automation, enabling innovation and faster data-driven decision making, revolutionising GSK’s approach to clinical development and directly influencing the lives of patients worldwide.

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