OEE Consulting with Atos (NS&I Account)

(OEE Consulting has now merged with gobeyond to become Gobeyond Partners)

NS&I is a unique UK savings institution. Its origins can be traced back to 1861 when it was set up to encourage working people across the UK to save. William Gladstone supported its establishment, saying he wanted a savings bank “within an hour’s walk of every working man’s fireside.” Now, NS&I customers can access their savings from the comfort of their own home through phone, website or app.

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, provide outsourced management of the NS&I account. They work in partnership with NS&I to continue delivering transformational change in customer experience whilst delivering significant productivity savings.

Atos introduced OEE Consulting to drive operational improvements through a new, flexible operating model, and to engage colleagues with a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. This has enabled the organisation to maximise its resources, deliver high service at lower cost and provide excellent development opportunities.

This work has been significant and wide-ranging, introducing completely new job roles, implementing new technology to drive innovative work organisation, and establishing a sustainable range of improvement initiatives.

These changes have improved customer satisfaction across NS&I’s 25 million customers and ensured their continued role offering safe, secure and surprisingly simple savings.

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