EY with Kuantum

EY partnered with Kellogg Europe to turn an initial conversation about technically upgrading from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA into a Digital Transformation programme to enable growth. 

Kellogg Europe form part of Kellogg Global, based in North America.  Following the Pringles acquisition in 2012, Kellogg Europe (KEU) have been embarking on a series of efficiency and standardisation programmes.  It is now key that they promote growth and agility in order to survive against a backdrop of decreasing sales in a market which does not favour breakfast cereals and salty snacks.   

The European CIO initially wanted to understand the benefits of moving from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA and the strength of our relationship enabled us to help her shift the focus from ‘technical upgrade’ to ‘business transformation’ by pulling together a strong business case for digital transformation across the business.  There was a need to bring this business case to life for stakeholders, backed up by thorough analysis and facts. 

EY were engaged from May to September 2017 to conduct a business case assessment for ‘Kuantum’ – a digital transformation programme, powered by technology.  The client also needed to work through the complexities of what a roadmap could look like, the most logical sequencing of the rollout, the impact on the systems landscape and the detailed business case in terms of costs and benefits. 

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