PPL and partners with NEL CSU and Fareham and Gosport CCG

In order to tackle an increasingly strained health and care economy in Hampshire, PPL and its partners worked within Fareham and Gosport as a consortium to adapt and test an international model of system integration that has proven successful in:

  • improving population health
  • improving quality and experience of care
  • reducing cost per case
  • Increasing staff satisfaction

Over a 12-month period, demarcated over three phases, the consortium was able to use its combined skills and experience to:

  • Create the case for change for system integration and identify potential areas to test the model
  • Design and implement a prototyping period at a locality level while facilitating the high-level changes required to support sustained improvement of outcomes
  • Develop a strategic guide with an aim to share our journey and allow other areas to replicate our success and learn from our challenges

At the culmination of the project, we were able to leave the area knowing that we had:

  • Improved clinicians’ abilities to work together to implement rapid testing cycles
  • Provided the tools and data for practices to identify at-risk patients and measure system success
  • Created a joint collaboration agreement and forums for providers and commissioners to plan care for their population together

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