Sia Partners with PRI

PRI is a UN-backed non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works to understand how environmental, social and governance issues, such as climate change and human rights, can be incorporated into investment practice. It supports a growing international network of investors to incorporate these issues into their investment decisions. Since 2006, PRI has grown to more than 110 employees across the world, supporting over 1,800 investors. In 2017, PRI launched an ambitious 10-year strategic blueprint to create a sustainable global financial system that benefits the environment and society as a whole. However, they recognised the operating model that fuelled their success to date was no longer fit for purpose to achieve its 10-year strategy and continue its growth.

Working across all levels of the organisation, Sia Partners used inclusive workshop techniques and our own organisation design methodology to conduct a comprehensive organisation effectiveness and operating model review. The outcome of the review revealed the areas that needed change and outlined the next steps necessary to support PRIs growth ambitions. This approach resulted in a new structure that provided clear accountability for content creation, delivery and supporting operations. The new structure also elevated the role of the leadership team and reduced the number of direct reports into the CEO, reducing management overhead and enabling PRI to efficiently deliver first-class content and services to investors.

To support the new top-level structure and address issues raised during the operating model review, Sia Partners re-aligned PRI’s workforce strategy and governance frameworks. As a result, PRI now has a streamlined structure with a clear governance framework to support the flow of information across the organisation. It also has an aligned workforce strategy that ensures that the changes land successfully. These changes ensure PRI can continue to support the growing network of investors needed to create a sustainable global financial system for our society.

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