Simon-Kucher & Partners with Center Parcs

The key to marketing and sales success is segmenting the market so you get the right offer to the right people.

Following a major investment in its digital infrastructure, Center Parcs needed a clearly defined customer segmentation model to enable their new digital tools to be used to the maximum effectiveness.

The key aim was creating an actionable and pragmatic segmentation which would be utilised and supported by all business units so buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders was key.

Simon-Kucher & Partners worked with the team at Center Parcs to deliver:

  • 8 clearly defined customer segments based on detailed quantitative and qualitative research
  • Profiles for each segment detailing their key attributes, attitudes, motivations and behaviour
  • A relative valuation and prioritisation of the segments
  • An actionable strategy for how to capture, develop and retain each segment,
  • including key marketing messages
  • An algorithm to predict which segment each of their customers belongs to,
  • enabling Center Parcs to deliver personalised messages to each customer
  • How Center Parcs should invest in future village developments to better cater to
  • the different customer segments

To ensure the best results we attacked the project from two angles, complex data analysis coupled with detailed qualitative insight and customer understanding. A number of methodologies were applied to gather these inputs from detailed transaction data analysis, customer interviews, multi-location focus groups and a large scale online customer surveys.

These insights were fed into Simon-Kucher’s 3-Ds Segmentation Framework which applies a mix of ‘science’ and ‘art’ to produce robust yet pragmatic segmentations for clients. The key to success was to ensure results were both scientifically sound but also pragmatic and actionable. Client buy-in was also important, with over 40 hours of workshops to get to the final output. The result being a segmentation which has been implemented across the business.

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