How are Britain’s boardrooms viewing Digital?


Our Digital Future: the view from Britain’s boardrooms reports that, while over 9 out of every 10 business executives agree that the importance of Digital for their business is high, less than half are confident their their company understands it ‘very well’. And their understanding varies enormously, with many different ideas of what Digital is and who is responsible in their firm.

This research is part of the MCA’s Year of Digital programme, a series of events, publications and research on the topic that is top of mind for many people in business and government. Digital consulting is the largest and fastest growing service now provided by the UK’s management consulting firms.

Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA, said: “Management consultants are making the link between digital technology and its impact on their clients. The potential is huge, and we can see already the positive difference that astute work by consulting firms can make.”

The report is now available to download for free from the MCA website.