Low Carbon, Higher Growth

Earlier this year, as part of its Growth Programme, the MCA Think Tank assembled expert consultants working to help businesses reduce their carbon footprints. The session considered whether efforts to reduce carbon, instead of being a burden on enterprise, provided business opportunities in their own right. Their observations are the basis of this report.


The MCA report shows that the idea of sustainable energy and resource usage has become uncoupled from its roots in good business values, such as the careful husbandry and management of supply. Case studies from our participants illustrate how the pursuit of low carbon could help reduce costs and promote growth.

Unlike other reports on this theme, Low Carbon, Higher Growth, suggests no new legislation or regulation. Instead it calls on business and government to work together to develop more pragmatic language, action and incentives around sustainability. The low carbon agenda should be recast as an opportunity for enterprises to become more efficient and profitable.

Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA, said, “Management consultancies have a lot of expertise and insight to offer in this area. We have identified some clear wins that business should be grabbing with both hands.”

Paul Connolly, Director of the MCA Think Tank, said: “The report promotes a better conversation about low carbon. It's not aimed at green enthusiasts as such, but at hard-headed business people, who may harbour doubts about man-made climate change. Frankly, in terms of potential efficiency gains and growth opportunities, there's nothing here that they couldn't sign up to.”

The report can now be download for free from the MCA website.