Commenting on the publication of the report of the independent Net Zero Strategy Review, chaired by Chris Skidmore MP, Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), said:    

“There is no doubt that as well as delivering on a Net Zero economy, there are also tremendous opportunities for the UK including investment, new skills and jobs, environmental returns, energy security and societal benefits as this important report outlines. The MCA and our members were pleased to be able to contribute to this biggest ever engagement on the journey to net zero in the UK and to outline the role of consultancy firms in driving greater environmental progress with our tens of thousands of clients. As Chris, said at the launch event, the climate clock stops for no one and the opportunity for our country to show leadership in the world is now and we must act decisively. The journey for the UK in achieving its net zero goals remains incredibly challenging and together we must rapidly accelerate our work and results in the right political and regulatory environment, supported by business.  

“Contributing to the review, MCA member firms felt that, although the UK has made a good progress maximising the potential in renewables such as offshore wind and solar energy, low carbon energy sources as green hydrogen was crucial in meeting this goal as well creating as a workforce with the requisite skills.  

“Encouraging sustainable workplace practices and embedding environmental considerations into policies are now priorities for us all and consultants continue to advise businesses of all sizes in helping to achieve Net Zero with benefits for the entire UK economy and society.”