MCA responds to BMA report into fees paid to private consultancy firms by NHS

The MCA today responded to a report conducted by the Doctor, the magazine for BMA members which stated that at least £26 million had been paid to consultants by the NHS as part of plans to reorganize the health service. The report claimed that this came despite wsarning from healths leaders like the BMA who have been calling for greater investment to address the current medical workforce crisis with not enough staff to deliver front line care. Please see BMA statement here.

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive, Management Consultancies Association, said:

Consultants play a vital role in the public sector and according to recent research are valued by public sector leaders for the transformational impact, innovation and increased efficiency they bring. They enable this to happen while vital front line services continue to operate uninterrupted. The government has acknowledged the importance of engaging external suppliers in the transformation of public sector organisations and independent research shows on average our MCA consultants deliver benefits worth around £6 for every £1 spent in fees. MCA members, through our Consulting Excellence principles, are firmly committed to delivering excellent client service and value and bring expert knowledge and up to date innovative thinking and experience from other economic sectors.


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