MCA and FEACO statement ahead of Brexit EU negotiations

Thanks to decades of growth, investment and training, the UK and other European countries are now home to world class consultancy businesses that are vital to the future success and growth of our private and public sector clients, and our respective economies.

Both the UK and EU governments have expressed strong support for an ambitious and comprehensive deal on services in our future relationship and this is welcomed by our sector. They now must honour these commitments in their negotiations and prioritise our 3 key demands that are critical to the success of our sector; freedom of travel for our workers so they can provide expertise to their clients, free flow of data and freedom to recruit the best talent from abroad

To impose barriers, create legal vacuums and restrict freedoms of our people to perform their jobs will serve no country’s interests either in the UK or Europe and will stifle growth across our sector and the businesses and industries we serve.

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA)

Eric Falque, Chairman of the European Federation of Management Consultancies Association (FEACO)

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The Management Consultancies Association (MCA):

The MCA is the representative body for the UK’s leading management consulting firms. For over 60 years, the MCA has been the voice of the consulting industry, promoting the value of consulting to business, the public sector, media commentators and the general public. The MCA’s mission is to promote the value of management consultancy for the economy and society as a whole. The MCA’s member companies comprise over 50% of the UK consulting industry work with over 90 of the top FTSE 100 companies and almost all parts of the public sector. The UK consulting industry is amongst the best in the world and a vital part of the business landscape. See the full list of current MCA members.

Compliance with the MCA’s tough entry criteria and adherence to the principles of Consulting Excellence means that MCA member companies are widely acknowledged to provide high quality services to their clients. Many of their achievements are recognised in the annual MCA Awards.


The primary purpose of Feaco is to assist in promoting and developing the profession. Therefore, Feaco supports its constituent National Association members in those areas where a collective voice is stronger than the sum of its individual members. Its main activities, apart from representation of the profession on a European level, are:

Developing the Management Consultancy market, raising its image and profile at European and international level, by the promotion of common professional ethical and quality standards (Best Practice), the development of a website and the publication of surveys, newsletters and contributions to professional publications.

Promoting the interests of Management Consultancy with the different European and International organisations, by maintaining a close relationship with the European Institutions and other pan-European and international organisations in order to ensure an awareness of and defend professional interests (this does not include lobbying for sales opportunities).

Developing a dynamic forum for networking and service provision, by encouraging networking by members and between members’ members, through the sponsorship and organisation of conferences, meetings and the establishment of mutual interest working groups.