Gobeyond: Supercharging remote team effectiveness

by Gobeyond

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, senior leaders in businesses across the world have found themselves wrestling with the realities of managing distributed teams and remote working alongside attempting to maintain service continuity. Uniquely, these challenges have arisen almost overnight.

There is an abundance of valuable, rational, process-focused advice being shared to business leaders and their teams. However, business success ultimately relies heavily on the human condition and the understanding of our limitations, strengths and team roles. This is particularly relevant when adapting to a new alternate reality, or in fact, a constant stream of new realities.

Our recommendations focus on how senior leaders can empower people, set them up for success and manage high-performing remote teams.

Understand your people

For many, working remotely over an extended period is one of the biggest changes imaginable. As people struggle to adjust and adapt to completely new practices and rhythms, it’s important to recognise that this isn’t a case of them being…

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