IBM: COVID-19 Action Guide How to manage amid chaos, ambiguity and fear

by IBM

No living generation has seen a global economy face such counterproductive conditions that stem mainly from stalling activity in order to protect human health.
Historical best practices for organizations have been challenged, often rendered obsolete by rapidly evolving circumstances. Our visibility into the future is murkier than ever, a veil of uncertainty obscuring what we used to see before us.
But disruption is not something new. It has been a condition for businesses, governments and societies for generations, and increasingly so in our modern tech-fueled world. The larger frameworks for dealing with disruption remain as central as ever. While the urgency and priority behind these frameworks has been heightened, the basic principles that drive adaptability and progress are even more relevant.
What do we do now? That is the question every business, every government, every family and every individual are asking themselves as COVID-19 spreads across the globe.
What follows is a guide that we hope will be useful now and remain so in the months ahead, as we continue to learn and share more from emerging circumstances. This guide is designed to help businesses leaders, but can apply to any organization. It outlines four key priorities for organizations in a time of crisis: employees, customers and partners, finance and operations, and community…
Read the full action guide on the IBM website.