BRIDGING THE GAP: Procurement’s vital role in making ESG strategy a reality


Sustainability has gone mainstream, putting businesses under greater scrutiny than ever before to deliver on their ESG promises.

Efficio’s report finds that procurement, alongside board-level commitment, is central to making an impact. Procurement teams must re-assess their supply chains, execute new procurement strategies, and drive deeper supplier collaborations. Crucially, targets need to shift beyond absolute cost towards delivering total value.

Read this in-depth report on procurement’s vital role in delivering ESG strategy.

BRIDGING THE GAP delves into the true state of the ESG agenda by drawing together results from in-depth surveys and interviews with more than 1,000 Business Leaders and Procurement Professionals. The report highlights the challenges procurement teams face when implementing ESG strategy in the supply chain and the opportunities to raise your corporate reputation whilst increasing innovation, employee productivity, and motivation.


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