Covid-19 & NHS Workforce Burnout – Time to Recover, Reflect, & Rebuild

by Vynamic

NHS staff are at crisis point as a result of the pandemic and the national institution that we feel so proud of is facing the single biggest challenge in its history. Although this strain is most commonly attributed to front line workers (e.g. nurses, doctors, social care workers), staff in non-patient facing roles have also been working tirelessly to ensure supplies are maintained, hospitals are clean, and appointments are managed.

Recover, reflect, & rebuild

NHS staff have a shared experience that only they can fully appreciate and understand. As the UK seeks to emerge from the past year, a focus for NHS leaders must be to provide the necessary time and space for colleagues to recover and reflect. Returning to ‘business as usual’ without acknowledging the incredible sacrifice and supporting the healing process would not only be a missed opportunity but likely risk the NHS losing some of its greatest people.

But how can NHS leaders give staff the time to rest and recover when waiting lists are as long as they’ve ever been and what does this mean? Find out more on Vynamic’s website.

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