The important role your Chief Data Officer will play in a post-pandemic world

A Chief Data Officer (CDO) is primarily responsible for growing a firm’s data and analytics capability. How they invest in existing or enhanced budgets to maximise return on investment what new responsibilities have emerged following the global COVID-19 pandemic and an executive board can support your CDO, are important considerations.

Deloitte has written an article that outlines a CDO’s responsibilities with a framework that categorises the key capabilities to expect of your CDO. It also highlights potential gaps which other executive team members could help buoy.

The article looks at how it is important that your Chief Data Officer (CDO) is a savvy strategist with analytics, catalyst for championing change and an operator who delivers data and analytics solutions to the business. Their observation is that this role is and will continue to be one of the most critical to your firm’s survival, recovery, and path to thriving following the pandemic and throughout the digital transformation of your organisation.

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