Get things right from the start


Getting onboarding right is a key ingredient of a successful integration following a merger or acquisition. Engaging your new people is vital to getting the full value from your deal – their knowledge and expertise is likely to be a big part of what you’ve invested in. And the onboarding process is your gateway to their hearts and minds. It’s their first impression of what it’s really like inside your organisation, and it can shape their entire outlook.

Effective onboarding is about being there for your new employees and giving them access to the knowledge, tools and guidance they need to be successful. It means helping your new employees understand what success looks like, providing them with the right resources – FAQs, training videos, quick help guides and giving them the opportunity to ask questions and get quick answers.

KPMG have written an article about why onboarding employees is key to the success of a deal and give their tips on how to do it well virtually.

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