Embracing Citizen Development


The rise of citizen development in recent years has been exponential and is continuing to grow as organisations realise the transformative potential it can unlock within their current workforce and operations.

Low-Code/No-Code development gives employees the ability to build mobile/web apps and automations without the need to write code, using a visual ‘drag and drop’ approach. This enables the continuous improvement of customer processes without the need for IT intervention, driving a dramatic increase in the pace of change.

This provides the ability, empowerment and time to use Low-Code/No-Code development platforms to find ways to automate the routine and mundane, allowing employees to focus on more value adding work.

Already today, 60% of all custom apps are built outside of the technology function of these 30% are built by employees with either limited or no technical development skills (451 Research)

What untapped transformation potential do you have within your business areas that you could unlock today?

In Gobeyond’s whitepaper you’ll receive insights on:

  • Why citizen development is important
  • The added value created through a well-executed citizen development programme
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of citizen development
  • A six-step process to unlocking the potential of citizen development


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