Financial boardrooms across Europe are making progress but fall short of investor expectations in key areas of experience and diversity


  • European financial services firms meet shareholder expectations in traditional areas of boardroom experience, including politics, accountancy, legal and compliance
  • But directors with sustainability, FinTech and cybersecurity experience are underrepresented in the boardroom, according to investors
  • However, board appointments in sustainability and technology are accelerating, with almost 45% and 46% respectively of European directors, and 50% and 65% respectively of UK directors, with such experience being recruited in the last three years
  • Across Europe, UK financial services boardrooms have deeper experience in tech, FinTech and regulation than their continental peers
  • While gender diversity remains below both investor expectations and the FCA’s 40% female target, the data shows European and UK companies have made more female than male board appointees over the last three years

Many of the boards of Europe’s largest financial services firms are underweight when it comes to the skills, experience, and level of diversity that investors say are important to them, according to the inaugural EY European Financial Services Boardroom Monitor.


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