Future Arc’s drive to Net Positive


Like many businesses these days, Future Arc has had their impact on the planet close to mind over the last few years.

For many organisations, where survival (or growth for the lucky) through COVID has been the essential drive for action it has been easy to overlook the corporate impact on the planet.

Recently, Future Arc has been pushed into action thanks to the need to qualify for a UK Government Framework to allow them to continue to do business with the UK Government. Part of their bid process required them to submit a Carbon Reduction Plan, and this has now kicked the business into a drive to Net Positive.

The content of this piece summarises what Future Arc went through, with an aim to support other organisations who may be keen to act but are feeling insufficiently tooled to do so. Hopefully, this article will help Small & Medium Organisations who may not have the resources at hand that Large Organisations do to get behind the E in ESG.

Read more about this on their website.