Sia Partners: Pivoting Your Operating Model to Achieve Environmentally-friendly, Sustainable Growth

by Sia Partners

One of the few positives that emerged from the Covid-19 crisis relates to the environment. Since the crisis broke out the world is witnessing an increase of interest in environmental issues. This trend was amplified during the crisis and driven by increased attention to health-related issues, as well as a first-hand experience of cleaner skies and less pollution during the lockdown period.

Talking to many senior stakeholders and clients from the market we have observed that this has not gone unnoticed. Following pre-existing market trends on the issue and increased consumer pressures, many companies are planning to adjust their post-Covid strategies and shift towards sustainable growth, reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Implementing this strategy would require a number of changes in the operating model and its key components: 1) workforce, structure, and incentives 2) supply chain, channels and infrastructure 3) processes and governance and 4) data and technology.

In this article, we provide examples of changes in the four core components of the operating model that you can implement to deliver on your sustainable growth strategy.

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