IBM: 2021 CEO Study

by IBM

Whether COVID-19 impacts subside from here or persist, 2020 served as a dramatic inflection point. Never before has the entire planet reconfigured its behaviour simultaneously, participating in lockdowns, quarantines, and enforced social distancing. For businesses and governments, the implications have been extreme, with assumptions and plans radically altered. From Asia to the Americas, the status quo evaporated both within and across industries. The future is murkier than ever—yet presents both new opportunities and new risks.

To better understand this singular moment, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) launched its most extensive Chief Executive Officer (CEO) research project ever. Building on almost 20 years of C-suite Studies, the IBV gathered insights from more than 3,000 CEOs and the most senior public sector leaders across the economy and around the world, supplementing its own deep expertise with that of Oxford Economics, a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis. In addition, IBV hand selected two dozen CEOs for extensive, exclusive interviews, that delve into the mindsets, themes, and challenges that top leaders are grappling with right now.

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