The art of decision making


Atkins’ Professor Nira Chamberlain explores the factors that drive their project decisions, suggesting that risk and probability – underpinned by logic – must play a key role.

In this article, Atkins’ looks at, how as management consultants and project managers, professionals are often responsible for making the right decision at each stage of a project to ensure the best outcome. But Professor Nira Chmberlain says that a successful decision-making is an art, and to create a masterpiece there is a need to understand the important role that risk and probability play in our choices.

In this article, two possible approaches were used to guide decisions: logical or intuitive processing. A logical approach uses information in a linear, sequential way to solve a problem, drawing conclusions from proof and facts, and basing its reasoning on strict principles of validity. Also, according to Atkins’, intuitive decisions are based on feelings, rather than conscious reasoning, often starting with the answer and working backwards.

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