What to consider when embarking on a corporate sustainability journey


According to Malt X CoMatch, over the last few years, companies have turned corporate sustainability into a critical business priority, and the focus on sustainability is likely to continue growing over the next decade, fuelled by global challenges as well as pressure from consumers, employees, investors, and regulation.

Malt X CoMatch shares details on how for many years, the business case for sustainability has focused on reducing resource usage, primarily energy, to lower costs. This is now changing as companies are seeing an impact on their top line. They give as an example, B2B that  sell their products to large corporates are increasingly being asked for data on their emissions. This is because as large corporates sign up to frameworks such as Science Based Targets that are in line with limiting global warming to well below 2°C, they have to disclose their direct and indirect emissions including those related to their supply chain.

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