Time for a crusade on training

Marketing as the new growth engine


The UK government is investing £1.8 billion in helping pupils who missed out on education during the pandemic. Marketing needs to be just as bold with its youngest recruits.

Nearly two years of working from home has meant limited formal training and a lack of mentorship, resulting in huge gaps in the skills of our industry’s newest recruits. The graduate trainees who started work in 2020 and 2021 are particularly affected.

This marketing training gap isn’t being discussed enough, perhaps because Gen Zers and even many Millennials can be reluctant to admit that they don’t have all the skills they need to become the brilliant marketers we need them to be.

This isn’t just some temporary blip, however, because we know that skills learnt early in one’s career are the foundation stone for great marketing. That includes things like great brief writing and delivery, creative evaluation and feedback and constructive agency relationship management, for example.

If they aren’t taught, then our industry will be ham-strung for years if not decades as this generation rises through the ranks. Observatory International repeatedly sees these three areas as the primary sources of grievance between clients and their agency teams in the agency performance evaluations that they run.


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