Alfons Gudmudsson, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Young Consultant of the Year Finalist 2019

Alfons works for Simon-Kucher & Partner’s banking practice and during his 3.5 years with the firm, he has experienced projects with UK industry leaders, as well as clients across continental Europe and the US.

Alfons’ work focuses on achieving commercial excellence for bank and financial services companies and many of the projects he has worked on are not only new to his clients, but also seen as revolutionising to the industries they are operating in.

Alfons is a strong advocate for creating value that is beneficial for both his clients and their customers by developing value propositions that fulfil both his clients’ commercial objectives, while seeing increased appeal from end users. A prime example is a project where Alfons and his team developed a new savings proposition for a Big 4 UK bank resulting in increased annual revenues of £70 million, while improving customer satisfaction by 17 NPS points.

By taking on project management responsibilities early on in his career and emphasising close collaborative relationships with clients, he has gained invaluable consulting experience, including:

  • Communications and working with clients to ensure all stakeholders get best possible outcomes by understanding client requirements and managing expectations across different seniority levels.
  • Experience in leading and managing teams to ensure best possible outcomes for all stakeholders and how to conduct projects on his own.
  • Clear understanding of his focus industry, for which he has contributed thought leadership through several published articles and developed methodologies that have evolved into revenue generating projects.

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