OEE Consulting with Willis Towers Watson

(OEE Consulting has now merged with gobeyond to become Gobeyond Partners)

OEE Consulting worked in partnership with Willis Towers Watson to design and deliver a bespoke people development programme, creating lasting change as part of a global transformation. We developed a global network of highly skilled leaders to implement and sustain operations improvements.

OEE Consulting were already working with Willis Towers Watson on their global transformation, making us well placed to advise on what skills were needed across the company. This was not a standard toolset; we recommended a bespoke blend of operations leadership, planning and improvement practices to drive both competence and confidence.

It would transform the culture within Operations through changing the way people approached operations leadership. It empowered leaders and their people to drive their own improvement projects, increase capacity in their day and support further team coaching and performance improvement.

It was:

• Engaging – through making a clear and significant commitment to support and upskill colleagues, with a clear focus on delivering real benefits to each individual’s working day

• Benefits-focused – with a considerable coaching schedule supporting each delegate in implementing their new capabilities. Improvement projects were run, with benefits logged as part of the accreditation process, to drive immediate and tangible business benefits

• Sustainable – by giving their people the skills to effectively manage Operations across the business, Willis Towers Watson have driven sustainable benefits and engaged their people in change. More than that, we have supported the company in building their capability to deliver the training and coaching, reducing their reliance on external support to continue this programme

The resulting development programme was accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and rolled out alongside the overall transformation across 20 countries, in 5 languages, to 1,200 leaders.

This programme supported Willis Towers Watson in their successful global transformation.

Each programme graduate is now leading teams and driving change across the company, delivering an improved service to help clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth.

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